Pasture Raised Ducks

Ancona Ducks
We started our flock of Ancona Ducks in 2013.  We collected birds from 4 different locations to start our breeding flock.  This breed is listed as critical on the ALBC's list.  So a wide gene pool is very important.  We have huge plans for our Ducks.  We are not only raising these birds for show quality, but also for egg and meat production.  We are also working on getting this breed recognized by the american poultry association.  My dad is helping me gather information and do all of the necessary leg work it entails.  We grew our flock to over 150 Ancona ducks this year. We also have duck meat available for sale off the farm. More select breeding will begin early in 2016 with more concentration on confirmation.  To follow the progress please feel free to check out our facebook page.
Saxony Ducks
In the fall of 2014 we purchased our first line of Saxonies. We saw the need for a recognized breed for showing. We also saw the need to have a larger duck for our meat sales division. Saxonies are also listed as critical on the ALBC's list.  We are looking forward to spring and working with this wonderful rare breed.
Pekin Ducks
Also in the Fall of 2014 we increased our flock of pekin ducks. While its not on the ALBC's list we felt that the duck will serve a purpose for showing and as a meat sales bird.
We plan to become npip certified in 2016 so that we are able to start shipping ducklings.