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Posted 12/23/2014 6:16am by Alan & Amy McKamey.

Our new website launched yesterday and we are very excited about it and all we are able to do with it.  We still have a few items to work on, but all in all it has been a great company to work with and easy to set up.

We are in the planning stages for some very exciting things in 2015.  We have so many ideas and plans I am not sure how we are going to get them all done, but we are going to do our best!

We are looking forward to spending a few days with my parents over Christmas.  Morgan is especially excited since they will be here with us Christmas morning for presents.  They will then be traveling to Florida to spend time with my brother and his family.  I am looking forward to a few extra days away from the office to spend time with family and also work on items for our future farmers market booth. 

Winter is supposed to be a time for farmers to take a break from the hectic schedule, however that never seems to be the case for us.  We find ourselves prepping for the coming year, working on new adventures, and doing farm related tasks that we may not have time for in the busy warm months.

We wish all of you a wonderful Christmas holiday.  I hope that you are all making plans for the year 2015 and looking forward to it as much as we are! 

Posted 12/15/2014 10:06am by Alan & Amy McKamey.

Another full day yesterday.  We got up and moving to a nice cup of coffee and a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast.  Morgan and I got around and headed off to town for our monthly grocery shopping day.  Alan headed to the barn to haul some gravel.  The pigs tend to make their mud lots a bit too close to the farm and this time a year they do not enjoy the standing water.  Of course they insist on making these pools right in their path to get into the barn.  So, Alan spent the majority of his day hauling gravel to these low areas.

After getting home and putting all of the groceries away Morgan headed to the sand box while I made a big pot of dog food, and finished up a few household chores from the day before.  We headed to the barn a bit earlier then normal because we needed to get all of the sheep dewormed and hoof trimmings done.  Yes, we are a bit behind on this, but still needed to get done before real winter set in.  The lambs were fairly easy as it was a quick dose of dewormer and out the door they went.  Morgan was the holder of the tools and the watcher of the door.  Alan was the head sheep wrangler, and I drew up the meds and trimmed the hooves.  We work quite well as a team.  However a few of the sheep are a bit less then thrilled to cooperate.  Unfortunately we don't have a chute built at this point for these guys so it is all catching them by hand.  Lets just say a few of them gave Alan a run for his money.  At least the chore is now done, well for a few months anyway.

We headed in then for a nice dinner of roasted chicken, rice and garden peas.  We ended the night with our monthly board meeting with the large black hog association.  Now all back to school and work again on Monday.

Posted 12/13/2014 4:37pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

We started off the day with the farrier here to trim the girls.  I always enjoy visiting with him.  We have been friends for a long time and its always great catching up.  While I was holding horses Alan and Morgan were busy catching pigs.  We had to load 3 young gilts and a barrow that were heading to their new farm.  After the farrier left we had to catch two Ancona pet quality females that were going to a friends home to be egg layers.  She had lost her other females recently and had one lonely pekin male.  Once everyone was loaded up we were off to make deliveries.  Our first stop was to pick up 4 new breeder Anconas that we found locally.  They also have a ram that we may be trading in the near future.  He was a decent looking guy and we are seriously considering the trade soon.  After those birds were loaded we dropped off the 2 girls to their new home, then off to unload the pigs.  It was a full day but very productive.  Now to relax and have our family movie night.

Posted 12/7/2014 6:05pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

It was a full day at the farm today.  Alan spent a good part of the day hanging gates on the pastures.  This was kind of a necessity since we had two gilts out last night.  Of course everything happens while Alan is gone at work.  We had a temporary gate up in Lelands new lot.  His two girls decided to lift that fence and come under neath when they heard the dinner bell.  By the way the dinner bell is the screams of 11 hungry feeder piglets lol!  I can only imagine the sight if someone had watched us.  Morgan and I running back and forth chasing Mabel and Martha through the ankle deep mud.  We did finally get them all back up.  If you want a good cardiac work out come chase pigs in mud!

I feel I was in the kitchen all day.  I started the morning off by making my two guys some homemade doughnuts.  I then made laundry stain pods, a batch of bar soap, and dog food. I also made 4 more dryer balls, and a few other odds and ends.   Morgan got all of his presents wrapped that he had bought for everyone, did his homework  and did a lot of lego construction.  

We are getting ready to sit down to a dinner of meat loaf, carrot casserole, and a homemade cake with cream cheese frosting.  I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Posted 12/6/2014 5:09pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

I didn't get as much accomplished today as I would have liked.  Morgan and I spent the morning running a few errands and also getting those gray hairs taken care of.  Once we got home we did our best to get a few house hold chores done and a few loads of laundry.  I had a few minutes before feeding time so decided to try out making homemade dishwasher pods.  I have already been making laundry pods, stain pods, dryer balls, and bar soap so I decided to add these too.  We hope to be selling all of the above at the farmers market come this spring.  SO we iwll give them a test run before giving them our seal of approval.  

The amount of mud outside is insane!  However we are by no means complaining.  It will help to fill our pond, and the ducks simply love it!  Not to mention above freezing and rain instead of snow in December is definately not a bad thing!

Posted 12/4/2014 1:57pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

As I'm sure most of you have noticed some recipes and such popping up on our facebook page.  We have been working/testing the new website and more is linked then I thought lol!  Which is definitely not a bad thing!  I have started putting a few recipes on our new website, but didn't realize they would pop up on our page for all of you.  However I suggest you try a few of them, because they are all very good!  Don't be surprised if you see odd things pop up for a bit until we get used to all of this.  However we can say that we already love this new website!

We have a number of pregnant ewes, but only one of them is up right now being watched closely.  She looks as if she is going to pop and it has to be any day now.  She is young and this will be her first so we all need to cross our fingers there are no issues and one of us is home to be there if she needs help.

Alan moved a group of pigs to a different lot yesterday, and Diesel and Leland had adjoining fences.  We discovered real quick that wasn't going to work.  So unfortunately that meant moving them again which isn't a lot of fun and he had his hands full!  Unfortunately that also means that Mosby is back in the barn for a short time until he can get another section of fencing done.  The fencing on this farm was horrible when we moved in and we Alan is slowly but surely working to replace it all a section at a time.  It is not only expensive to replace that much fence, but time consuming when he is doing it all alone.  We feel the fencing will never be complete, because by the time he gets it all in, then I am sure there will be repairs that need to be done.  Have a wonderful evening everyone!


Posted 12/3/2014 6:31pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.



I have been wanting to start a farm blog for some time now.  I have plenty of things to write about and don't have an issue in getting that information typed up.  However we just haven't found an easy way to get things started.  We have also been struggling with our website for some time now.  It just wasn't user friendly and it got to the point where it was just too frustrating to try and work on it.  Alan stumbled across Small Farm Central and we were extremely surprised and excited when we started working with it.  The website has everything we need and is extremely user friendly.  Not to mention it is designed especially for people like us.  Well what do you know it also has a blog section.  So here we are.

The picture above is the three of us almost one year ago on our wedding day.  Yes, we got married in flannels and jeans and in our living room.  We had hoped to have the ceremony outside, but Indiana December weather just didn't cooperate.  But to be honest we just didn't care.  We made our small family official that day and thats all we truly cared about.

In this blog we hope to share with all of you about our family and our farm.  We will be sharing stories, recipes, product announcements, tips and adventures.  The joys and struggles that we face as we go about our daily lives.  There will be good days and bad, happy times and sad.  My goal is to not only share all of the great moments, but also the not so great.  Farming isn't an easy way of life, but it is a life that we love.  I hope you will enjoy sharing all of these moments with us.  I know we look forward to sharing them with you.

Alan, Amy, Morgan and all of the critters

at Heritage Meadows Farm

Posted 12/1/2014 5:39pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

Seeing if blog works